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SAT mathematics


  America SAT college entrance examination after the reform, the math part of the exam scope and degree of difficulty increased. Before the SAT mathematics examination level is only equivalent to the level of the domestic grade, the main test of the students of the four calculation , factor, fraction, percentage, and the ratio of the basic knowledge and computing skills. The basic knowledge of the mathematics, the students in the junior high school is very simple.
  SAT Mathematics - SAT math test content:
  Topic distribution and structure
  The total number of questions is 44 and 10 questions in the mathematics section.
  Two, collocation form
  25 minute area: 20 choices
  25 minute area: 8 ways to choose +10 roads to fill in the blank
  20 minutes: 16 choices
  Three, inspection content
  For Chinese students is relatively simple, the junior high school graduation level.
  Four, other
  Allows the use of a calculator, the beginning of each district will give some formula.
  SAT Mathematics - SAT mathematics for the pro forma common sense:
  Pro SAT mathematics examination notes, we are preparing for the SAT math exam, at least to understand the following:
  1. For some questions , can help students solve drawing.
  2. Candidates can use the questionnaire as a test paper, because the candidates to write anything in the examination of the questionnaire are not scoring.
  3. Think about what you should use your calculator.
  4. Candidates should be familiar with the examination before the exam.
  5. Multiple choice questions, candidates should first take a look at the answers to each selected, then choose your answer, careful not to choose is not deducted, chose the wrong points.
  6. Read the examination questions carefully the requirements.
  7. The candidates in the math exam is no need to remember mathematical formula - ordinary mathematical formulas in the papers to the candidates, but the candidates need to consider their own should use the formula to solve the problem.
  8. Fill in the blanks, note card form, and set aside time, do not fill or fill in the wrong no points.
  What is the ability of the students to study the students' ability of SAT and SAT?
  SAT math test part is the students' Capability Reasoning, it is the ability of logical reasoning, and not to say the students' skills, for example, students, high school students can not solve the problem of the problem, some of the logic analysis and some simple reasoning problems, students do not understand, it is the SAT math part of the students more focused on life skills, that is to say, the power of logic analysis.
  SAT math part of the test candidates and do not fear it mentioned some very fear of vocabulary, which refers to the data analysis, it refers to the probability theory, which is a very large number of words, but candidates do not need to fully grasp the relevant, it is secondary school students learn these knowledge, students should grasp the basic grade, and not to say to remember some of the formula, which is not used in the SAT math exam, and then it is a candidate's ability to some basic logic.